The Goddess of Wealth is having it easy!

I’ve recently made a new friend who has spent over 20 years in various banking and financial companies. Having worked so closely with money and its related services, have led him to develop an almost spiritual and healthy relationship with money. Conversations with him have triggered me to change how I welcomed the Goddess of Wealth this Diwali.

We often forget that money is merely a tool for exchange of ideas and experiences, and to use it properly, we need to put in equal thought not just on earning and managing money, but on figuring out how to invest it in creating meaningful experiences.

This year lets ask the Goddess of Wealth — Tell me what to do with money! What can we do with wealth beyond the saving for future affairs, beyond the giving that’s done without participating, beyond the possessing that’s done without creating, beyond everything that happens with so little thought.

Every Diwali the Goddess of Wealth is asked for more wealth. She smiles because she knows that Wealth by itself does not answer this question, or any other question of Life. She gets pampered and worshiped, and no one is putting her on the spot and asking — tell us what to do with that wealth!

She’s having it too easy. Let’s put her on the spot this year.

Happy Diwali!

This story was originally published on my blog.

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