Approaching people with a thank-you

I happened to see Arun Shourie at the airport while waiting for my flight announcement. Soft spoken, gentle and a very simple person. I decided to talk to him because I’ve always wanted to thank him for writing the book – Does He know a Mother’s heart? How suffering refutes religions. The title and first chapter will resonate with every mother worldwide. It brings tears to my eyes every time I glance at the book’s cover photograph. I had read this chapter around the time of my son Aarav’s birth so those emotions were engraved in my mind. I had a difficult pregnancy, followed by a 7-month preterm birth and Aarav had to bear a lot of pain during his days at the Neonatal ICU.  When I shared this with Mr. Shourie, he lovingly looked at Aarav who was playing naand blessed him with a sincerity that only a kind heart possesses.

One always hesitates when approaching someone who is big in stature or intellect or fame. Somehow we believe they’re too busy for our interruption. Arun Shourie’s humility and character are well-known. Despite that I was initially hesitant.  Eventually, I could overcome my nay-saying mind because I realized that this is someone whom I could relate to in at least one aspect of life – i.e. the test of a mother’s heart.  My thanking him for sharing this dimension of his life would be welcomed even if hundred others had thanked him before.

Don’t hesitate to talk to someone whose thoughts have meant something to you. Approach them with a thank-you and watch them come alive.

On another note, I’ve always felt that meeting a highly respected person is more meaningful than meeting a rich or famous person. This was no different.

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