My baby needs an invisible car seat. Oh wait, it can be done!

Car seats work only when the baby stays inside them. I’m convinced that toddlers in India cannot be expected to stay inside car seats. Here’s why –

The road is full of drama and often the action here is stranger than any science fiction movie, there are enthusiastic hawkers at traffic signals, there’s plenty of honking and Bollywood music, there are curious people staring in and excitedly smiling at the sight of a baby, not to mention the zillion lights and colors that emerge from every window, making it IMPOSSIBLE for even a determined mother (I’m not the best but I do try) to keep her son distracted enough to want to sit in one place all strapped up!

God help me!

I found a possible approach but no product – an invisible car seat. Two women were determined enough to design an invisible helmet  as shown in this short film. I salute them!
Any takers for redesigning baby car seats?


  1. You were not kidding. This is a product I’d love to have with me if I was on any two wheeler.

  2. I’m going to take a stab at this :)

    Some initial thoughts, It is interesting that they decided not to protect the face. The rider can only be secure when falling backwards or sideways.

    The invisible car seat is challenging! What you want does not sound like you want to hold him in one place.

    The airbag is literally an invisible cushion. It won’t work for a child because of the force at which it deploys towards the body. Pre-deployed airbag(s)? Almost like a crib in the back seat. That eliminates windows.

    The cool thing about the brace in the video is that the airbag deploys outward. So, we’re really talking about a jacket. Hmm .. I see where you are going in principle.

  3. Your article My baby needs an invisible car seat. Oh wait, it can be done! | anjali gupta write very well, thank you share!

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