A Happy Marriage

If you share an emotion, it will be perceived.
If you share a dream, it will be conceived.
If you share friends, they will be welcomed.
If you share family, both will be pampered.

If you share joy, it will get doubled.
If you share pain, it will breed friendship.
And if you opened your heart to share an identity,
you will build a truly happy relationship!

A close cousin who is also a dear friend is getting married next week. With her wedding gift I wrote the above lines for her.

A happy marriage is about enthusiastically following a simple thought: “What you share with each other will flourish, what you don’t will perish!” 

Starting with the most fundamental – a shared presence, a shared home, a shared family, and gradually including a shared goal, shared friends, shared dreams, and finally, the most difficult one – a shared identity!

Sharing works both ways. You need to share what you’re going through. And often, you need to make an effort to share what your spouse is going through. Whenever something is amiss, or love takes a beating, think to yourself – What am I not sharing? 

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