A Lone Prayer

“With every passing moment,  help me get closer to the Source! The Source of it All.  Get me closer to Life, closer to Nature, closer to the Universe, or closer to the phenomenon that many people like to call God.”

If I could only recite one prayer, this would be it. Whether we want it or not, we are all in a relationship with the Source. We might as well reciprocate and understand this relationship as closely, as scientifically, or even as irrationally as possible.

The question arises, what will I get by being closer? I get awareness. I get understanding. I get belief. I get to live in a world of possibilities and not in a world of probabilities. And that for me, brings happiness!

One comment

  1. Prachi

    “Help me see that there is already nothing between me and the Source. And if I ever have any doubts about this, then give me the strength or even the vulnerability, to let go of the doubts. Help me see the Life that I already am.”

    The question really is: what is it that is preventing me from seeing *right now* that which I have been refusing to see? The moment I get a clear answer to this question, the question of what one will get by being closer would be moot.

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