Staying Alive!

It is rather sad when people show a lack of respect or understanding for what it takes to keep something alive. That something can be as big as the political revolution in Egypt or something as small as a blog, a website, or even a rose plant. None of these can reach their true potential and purpose unless someone keeps them alive.

Behind that word are everyday moments filled with creativity, discipline, and hard work. Alive. That is the magic word. Alive holds promise, Alive brings possibilities, Alive emotes passion.

How does one apply this principle to people? Think about why resumes are a crappy way to evaluate people. There is absolutely nothing alive about a resume. The past reveals little about how alive that person is today. When people walk in to work, they bring an energy with them, a life force. That force creates value. Feeling alive is a measure of that force. A person’s sharpness, creativity, productivity and passion are relevant only when measured now. So, why bother with resumes? The simplest evaluation is to ask yourself and ask others two questions:

  1. What are you keeping alive today?
  2. What is keeping you alive today?

The first question gives insights into your work life; the projects you are passionately keeping alive, the reasons you believe in them, and more importantly, the past and current skills you are sharpening every moment to help get there.

The second question is about your personal life. The relationships you hold close to heart, the causes you believe in, and the activities that fill up your leisure time. The answer reveals the nurturing, growing, and crunching that gives meaning to your Life even outside of work.

Only the very best people ensure that they feel alive in everything they do. And, they will bring that same magic to whatever you do with them. Remember – the words Alive and Now are inseparable. So ask yourself everyday, do I feel alive now?


  1. Very nice post. Enjoyed reading it.

    It was interesting that you mentioned how a resume is a crappy way to evaluate people. I am trying to convince people that a portfolio of work and a blog are far more powerful than degrees and resumes.

  2. Chetan Mehendale

    beautiful thought – I love it!

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