The 140 characters on my grave

Death can be a powerful tool to look within. It’s a miracle how we often live without respecting this unimaginable force of nature. It’s certainly not something that happens only to others.  Often when something unthinkable happens, I step back and remember how death is also one of the many possibilities that every moment holds within itself. The question I ask myself, “Why can’t we lead as natural and spontaneous a life as Life itself leads around us?”

I have come up with a crazy way to integrate the idea of death into my life. I told myself that there will be a virtual cemetery for me and everyone else. And 140 chars is all I get to express how I have led my life until that moment. What was the underlying thought or spirit that I held close to my heart as I went through life? I told myself that these words should not be about results or goals or “getting somewhere” or “being someone” but something that describes the mood of my journey. Defocus from “what” and focus on “how”.  I am sure any words I put down today will evolve and change with every new experience but I need to put them down. I need to express it in 140 characters and yet ensure that my life until now reflects those words, and they lend themselves effortlessly to just being myself.

I left my subconscious mind with this crazy framework for several days. One night these words popped out: “She was never afraid to start or stop something.”

The words just seemed to fit me and my life’s flow. Both “start” and “stop” have been an important part. When I look back I realize that the stop was as essential to create space for something new to start. The funny thing about me is that and I often get excited in either case.

I still have 74 characters of space and those will probably be reserved for my closest relationships. Not the foray of my blog.

Let’s see where these words take me for now. Revisions will be posted if necessary.


  1. Prachi

    Ah, I was going to stumble upon this blog sooner or later. Very well said Anjali. :) To extend that: the ‘something new’ comes from that space, lives, evolves and dissolves in that space. So then…how beautiful is that space! Here’s something that popped in my mind soon after I was done reading this post, so that’s what I’m going to go with for now: “She loved life, but life loved her more! ;)”

  2. Anjali

    Hey Prachi! Thank you for sharing these lovely lines. I can’t wait to meet you someday to see the real person who life loves so much :). Take care and keep sharing. Cheers!

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